Information in English: The waste collection system in Fjellregionen

FIAS helps you dispose your waste for recycling and reuse. With proper sorting, waste can be a valuable resource.

All households in Fjellregionen must subscribe to the waste collection service through the council. The subscription includes regular collection of bins, access to waste points and recycling stations.

Every household or appartments has 4 different bins for sorting garbage. In addition you get a roll of bags for plastic packaging, and a roll of green biobags for food waste.

Which bin is for what waste?

fire dunker og pose for plastemballasje

  • Blue lid is for all types of cardboard and paper (must be put in the bin without a bag)
  • Turquoise lid for is for glass and metall packaging (must be put in the bin without a bag)
  • Green lid for is for food scraps (must be put in a green biobag that we supply for free)
  • Grey lid for unsorted waste (you can use any type of bag)

For information on sorting waste correctly for recycling you can print out the sorting guide in english.

When you run out of bags you can go and pick up a new roll at these supermarkets, the council costumer service or one of the recycling stations.

To find out when we pick up the different bins, download the app Min Renovasjon to a smartphone and register your address.

The bin(s) must be placed closer than 3 meters to the side of the road, with the handle towards the road, and be ready for pick-up no later 07.00 a.m. on the collection day.

In each municipality in Fjellregionen there are several unattended collection point where households can deliver three types of waste. There are separate containers for: glass and metal packaging, cardboard/paper and unsorted waste.

We have 11 recycling stations with staff that help you sort your waste for recycling. You can deliver all types of waste here during opening hours (the green squares shows which station is open currently.)

Please kontakt our customer service on phone number +4762494800 for further enquiries.